We know how sensitive skin feels like! It runs in our family. We truly understand what bothers you and that’s why we want to share our gentle products with you.

Safe for people and the planet, Verdacura products are a combination of ancient and new skills. They are always made with clean ingredients that respect you and the Earth with a process that requires a lot of patience. The outcome has been exceptional products of the highest quality made with compassion and empathy.


We formulate and manufacture 100% natural, safe and gentle products for every BODY in the family using only simple and clean ingredients placed on this Earth for our good. All Verdacura products are made for you and your family, in our family-owned factory in New Jersey.


We believe that the best things in life truly are plain and simple. And it is often in the most basic things that we find true happiness and goodness. At Verdacura, we use only ingredients you can recognize and trust. Verdacura products are always made with 100% natural, clean, vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free Ingredients. We use nothing artificial, ever. All our ingredients are good for you and our planet.
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